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Preparing for your Globody by Shanna Guggenheim Spray Tan is easy, and taking a few simple steps beforehand will keep your glo looking fresh even longer.

Here's how to prepare:

*Shower & Shave

*Exfoliate (do this last in the shower)

*No make-up

*No deodorant

*No lotion

*Wear loose fitting, dark colored clothing

*For the Spray Tan application, you may wear a dark colored bathing suit or undergutchies, disposable undergutchies that I have available or in your birthday suit.

*Remember an umbrella if you are coming to my Glo Room if rain is in the forecast 

Remember, as part of the Glo Experience, I use a prep spray that gently exfoliates and cleans the skin by removing oils, make-up, lotions, deodorant and sweat residue.  It also helps with solution absorption and prevents solution beading.  

Pre-Tan Instructions: About Us
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